Discover the entity that offers new personal loans with purpose

Personal loans are a financial resource offered by banks or by private equity companies that may be of a general purpose or intended for a specific purpose. Normally, the entities vary their characteristics according to the project that we are going to finance, especially the cost, although of course not all of them apply the same differentiation. If we need financing for a specific project such as to reform our home or to repair a breakdown in the car or the purchase of a vehicle, you can discover new personal loans for different purposes.

3 personal credits for the project that we want to carry out

There are seven new quick personal loans that the financial credit institution has just launched to the market, each loan is intended to cover a specific need, so that its characteristics may change. In general, there are purposes that tend to have a lower cost than others, as is the case with student loans, which usually start at a lower minimum interest rate than a loan to finance celebrations, for example.

Personal loan to buy a car at a good cost

Although financing a car at a dealership is usually the most frequent option on the part of consumers, personal loans offered by financial credit institutions are another very good option if we want to get a loan at a competitive cost. Previously, we offered a personal loan for different purposes, but now has a more specific offer to finance, for example, the purchase of a new vehicle. We give you access to up to 50,000 euros that we can obtain in 48 hours and reimburse it within a period of up to eight years.

In addition, if we meet the specific conditions demanded by the entity, we can get personal credit with an interest rate of 6.95% TIN and 7.18% APR, which is a price below the average of the credit market. to consumption, since it is currently at 8.77% APR according to the data of the Bank of Spain. Personal loans to finance a car do not have a study or opening fees , which allow fees,o save a good part of capital and thus not having to invest a lot of money at the beginning of the loan.

Personal credit to reform our home

Another of the personal loans with the purpose of this entity is the one that is intended for the reform of a home and that also allows us to access up to 50,000 euros. The characteristics are very similar to those of the car loan, since the repayment term is also extended to eight years and there are no commissions either. In addition, another of the advantages of these personal loans is that they have no links, something that differentiates them from the loans granted by traditional banks, which are likely to condition us to contract associated products in exchange for better conditions.

However, for this purpose we will have to present a different document that shows for what purpose we want the money. That is, in a loan reform is likely to ask us a proforma invoice so that the entity can ensure that we use the capital in this project and not in anything else.

Loan studies to continue with our training

If we want to continue with our studies, but we do not have the luck to have enough savings or a family financial support. Thanks to this personal credit it is possible to get up to 50,000 euros, as in the loans that we have just seen and with the same repayment term. In this case, the main factor that varies is the interest rate that is slightly higher, from 7.95% TIN (8.25% APR) . Even so, it is still in a price range that we can consider as affordable.

In these three personal loans we can enjoy the same advantages of the credit institution as we can obtain the capital in 48 hours. Another convenience of your loans is that we do not have to change banks to enjoy our loan.