Fast payday loans online in one click

If you need money urgently to solve an unforeseen event, you can contract fast personal loans from home and without paperwork.

Where can I find urgent personal loans?

The financing needs of Spanish consumers have undergone certain changes after the outbreak of the economic crisis. Currently, many people not only need to obtain extra liquidity but also want to receive the income quickly and without having to do too many procedures. To meet their demands, both banks and newly established private equity companies have launched fast personal online loans that can be obtained in minutes, although there are certain differences between the conditions applied by both entities:

  • Private equity companies: the strong point of these companies is that we can contract their financing products from the computer or smartphone and without having to change banks. Its flagship product is online mini-loans, although they also grant quick personal loans without paperwork of higher amounts.
  • Banking entities: Banks also market fast financing products and through the network to compete with private entities. Normally, to get a credit in a bank in 24 hours, it will be necessary that we are already clients and have a certain age, so that they can trust us and, therefore, our risk profile is lower.

According to our economic profile and economic needs we can choose between one type of credit online or another. For example, in the case that we need to finance ourselves to pay a one-off expense and a not too high amount, such as a visit to the dentist, it may be more convenient for us to contact an online mini-credit at a private company. On the other hand, if we need the money for a larger project, such as buying a car or reforming our home, we should go to a bank to request a personal loan, since this type of personal loans are designed for this purpose, with amount and higher terms that will allow us to finance larger capital.

Purpose of fast personal loans online

As a general rule, when we ask for an online loan of these characteristics we can use the money for what we want because they will not require us to present a proof of purpose. These products are specially indicated to solve unexpected contingencies such as the payment of fines or punctual invoices that have left us from the budget or to obtain extra liquidity in times of great expense such as summer vacations, Christmas or “return to cole. “

However, it is not advisable that we apply for quick personal loans online frequently, because since these loans are more expensive than conventional banking products, if we use them repeatedly we could easily fall into over-indebtedness. Likewise, urgent personal loans are also not indicated to finance large projects, since in the market there are other cheaper loans that will be better adapted to this purpose.

Fast online personal loans form

Thanks to new technologies, virtually all financial institutions offer the possibility of requesting and contracting fast personal loans online. Therefore, to process our request we will only have to fill out and send a simple form with several of our personal, labor and financial data. Let’s see what information should be provided in most cases:

  • Amount and term of return: thanks to the online simulators that include the pages of fast credits, we can calculate in a moment how much a loan will cost to us according to the amount and the term that we indicate.
  • Personal information: name, surnames, date of birth and identity document number
  • Contact information: residence, address, zip code, mobile and landline telephone, and email.
  • Labor situation: it is necessary to present information about the type of employment we are currently performing, the type of contract we have and how long we have been in the company.
  • Economic situation: indicate the income and expenses that we have per month. In the event that we have an alternative income to the payroll, we can access quick personal loans without payroll, provided that we justify the origin of the money.

Completing this form normally will not take more than 10 minutes, although everything will depend on the financial institution we go to. Once we have filled out and sent it, the entity will carry out an analysis of our economic profile and will send us an email within a few minutes informing us if they approve or not our request.

Conditions for contracting fast credits online

Each financial institution establishes different risk criteria, so the requirements to access their credits will not always be the same. However, there are some minimum requirements that are common in practically all lenders, so we must comply with them so that we do not encounter any problems when we go to request a loan:

  • Be of legal age, although it is possible that some entities ask us to have at least 21 or 25 years.
  • Have permanent residence in Spain.
  • Enjoy a regular, sufficient and justifiable income that allows us to reimburse the money they lend us plus the interest without problems. A payroll, a pension or the income of the self-employed are some income that meets the aforementioned characteristics.
  • Not be registered in a delinquency file as ASNEF, although there are some private lenders who will grant us their credits if we are in one of these lists. However, to access their products, they may demand that our debt does not exceed a certain amount or that it has not been contracted with another financial entity.

In addition, it is possible that entities require us a minimum income per month, which usually range between 500 and 1,000 euros, although this depends on the risk policies of each company. However, private equity companies tend to be more flexible than banks, so it will be easier for us to get approval if we turn to these lenders.

Documents to access personal credits on the Internet

In general, all entities that offer online personal loans will require us to submit several documents to verify that the information provided in the application form is correct. The amount of documentation that we will have to provide will vary according to the lender we go to, although in most cases we must deliver, at least, the one indicated below:

  1. Identity document: the DNI, the NIE or the passport to verify that we are of legal age and that we reside in Spanish territory permanently
  2. Bank statement: with which you can learn about our credit history and know what our monthly expenses and income are
  3. Proof of income that is regular and sufficient: generally, we will require a payroll, but there are cases in which we can get the money by presenting proof of a pension, a scholarship, an unemployment benefit …

However, there is a way to avoid this process: use an authentication system such as Instantor or Pich. With these technological tools, entities can verify the data provided by reviewing the movements of our current accounts, so if we use them we will not have to send a single document and in this way, we will save time.